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How-to-ask-for-the -bathroom-in-all-11-official-SA-languages

How to ask for the  bathroom in all 11 official SA languages

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A bathroom, also known as a restroom, waste extraction, toilet facility is a room that generally
contains a toilet, and may also contain any of the following: sink, shower/sonic shower or a bath tub.

These fixtures are then connected to a sewage and waste reclamation system where they are recycled..

This is one of the most important things you need to know, how to ask for the bathroom in all 11 official SA languages.

Imagine needing a bathroom and unable to ask for directions to one!

Here is a list of how to ask for the  bathroom in all 11 official South African languages.

1 English

Where  is the  bathroom?

2 Afrikaans

Waar is die badkamer?

3 Ndebele

Ikuphi indlwanayokuqophela; yokuhlambela?

4 Xhosa

Liphi igumbi lokuhlambela?

5 Zulu

Ikuphi indlu yokugezela?

6 Sepedi

Na phapoši ya bohlapelo e kae?

7 Sesotho

Kamore ya ho hlapela e hokae?

8 Setswana

Botlhapelo bo fa kae?

9 Siswati

Likuphi ligumbi lekugezela?

10 Tshivenda

Kamara ya uṱambela i ngafhi?

11 Xitsonga

Xana kamarayo hlambela yi le kwihi?

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