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How to say I don’t need a plastic bag in all 11 official SA languages

Found in: Blog

a plastic bag is made of thin, flexible plastic material, especially one with handles supplied by a shop to carry goods purchased there.

Plastic bags are so lightweight and aerodynamic, that even if we dispose of them properly, they can escape with the wind. They escape from our trash cans, garbage trucks and landfills and they go where the wind takes them.

Here is a list of How to say I don’t need a plastic bag in all 11 official South African languages.

1 English

I don’t need a plastic bag,  I brought my own.

2 Afrikaans

Ek het  nie ’n plastieksak nodig  nie, ek het  my eie gebring.

3 Ndebele

Angidingiitjhwaratjhwara nginayo yami

4 Xhosa

Andifuni ngxowanayeplastiki yokuphatha, sendinayo eyam.

5 Zulu

Angisidingi isikhwamasepulastiki, ngiziphathele esami.

6 Sepedi

Ga ke tsome mokotlana waplastik, ke tlile le wa ka.

7 Sesotho

Ha ke hloke mokotlana wa polasetiki, ke tlile le wa ka

8 Setswana

Ga ke tlhoke kgetsanyana yapolasetiki, ke itletse ka tsa  me.

9 Siswati

Angisidzingi sikhwamaselipulasitiki, ngite  nesami.

10 Tshivenda

A thi ṱoḓi puḽasitiki, ndo ḓa na yanga.

11 Xitsonga

A ndzi lavi pulasitikibege, ndzi tile na ya mina.